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Index of Bash commands Bash index
I like scripting, scripting's my favorite ! Bash scripting
Generic stuff about the Shell Shell
Linux RuLeZ ! Linux
How to make a Linux machine more secure / private ? Linux Security
Cloud / Infrastructure Cloud / Infrastructure
All that "somethingd" things Daemons
HTTP, HTML, CSS, browsers, certificates, ... Web
Some like it soft, ... Software index
It's not only for servers ;-) Linux Workstation
Notes & tips Oracle
SQL & databases SQL & databases
The HTTP server from the Apache Foundation Apache
<troll> Way better than Vi ;-) </troll> Emacs
From the NIC to the Internetz Network
Tips and snippets for Python Python
Tips and snippets for PHP PHP
Logical Volume Management LVM
Nagios, Shinken, ... Monitoring
A few tips about Microsoft workstations & servers Windows
Things that don't fit other categories and that are even not computer-related Miscellaneous
... while others like it hard !!! Hardware
Android & CyanogenMod Android
Linux + Android Linux + Android
Tips and snippets for PERL PERL
Tips and snippets for C++ C++
Stuff about old Unices Unix
This rocks too ;-) FreeBSD
Explains the CSS convention used on these pages Legend
This is about things the "About" page
Latest articles and updates Latest updates