CDK Styles

X.Y.Z. abbr. for abbreviations or acronyms (also has a tooltip not shown here)
Eppur si muove
blockquote. For quotes
<mark>...</mark> mark. plain HTML5 tag to highlight stuff
If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. q. For quotes, too.
Zed's alive, baby. del. obsolete data I don't want to remove so far
Some piece of advice span.NB something you should pay attention to
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common Common settings (no color)
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_blue Common settings + blue
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_genericColor Common settings + generic color
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_green Common settings + green
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_orange Common settings + orange
Buy milk span.TODO a 'TODO' note


h2.chapter For the chapter names
a piece of code in any language span.code mostly used in <pre>...</pre> tags
a command you may type / click span.command using | to separate clicks
foo span.commandCmdExe A Windows shell command
foo span.commandDgmgrl An Oracle DGMGRL command
foo span.commandPromptGt a prompt
foo span.commandRman An Oracle RMAN command
foo span.commandSqlplus An Oracle SQL*Plus command
foo span.commandUnixShell A Unix shell command
you can see that... span.comment Comment about the current line of code / output
ACME Corp. span.brand A company or brand name
the name / value of a configuration option span.confoption -
myContainer span.container for Docker containers
daemon span.daemon the name of a daemon
01/01/1970 Creation date of an article
something related to a database span.dbThing table name, column name, ...
Debian span.debian I <3 Debian
span.debianLogo Some of the 'Bash Index' items are Debian-specific, actually ;-)
(this is a draft)
pre.draft for unfinished works
span.enter An ENTER key
something shown as example span.example -
a file name given as an example span.exampleFile -
a file or directory name span.file -
branchName span.gitBranch for Git branches
this is a great line of code span.gitMovedFrom_default_default span.shellPurple, span.outputAnsibleIgnored previous location of a piece of code, reported by 'git diff'
this is a great line of code span.gitMovedTo_default_default current location of a piece of code, reported by 'git diff'
developers a group of users
some text displayed within a GUI span.guiDisplay On a button, in a menu, ...
span.happy Happy and smiling
short version span.impatients XXS version of the preceding information without extra details or examples
text you have to type on your keyboard span.input kbd - span.ipAddress an IP address
key span.key used mostly to describe keyboard shortcuts
any keyword span.keyword To highlight the important word(s) of a sentence
myLib span.lib A software library
span.linesSkipped span.ellipsis some lines of output have not been rendered to save screen space and focus on more relevant content LOL
a machine span.machine a workstation or a server
stuff defined manually span.manual such as some Emacs shortcuts
metaTocItem span.metaTocItem For TOC items leading to sub-TOC
span.mmm Dubious
No To display Y/N in lists or tables
span.optional You may or may not do this
hello world span.output .fileContent some text output to a terminal
packageName span.package a software package you can install via 'apt-get'
123456 span.password for passwords
popular span.popular something eye-catching for the 'things' I use most in lists of 'things'
22 span.portNumber To highlight port numbers
SQL> span.prompt This is a command line prompt
Red Hat span.redhat Red Hat is not too bad ;-)
span.redhatLogo Some of the 'Bash Index' items are Red Hat-specific, actually ;-)
li.related used in the footer of an article to refer to related articles
myRepository span.repository Either a repository of versioned source code, or a repository of packages
span.rtfm The usual reminder ;-)
span.sad Sad and crying
Write section content here
div.sectionContent -

Usage / Flags / Examples / Situation / Details / Solution / ...

h3.sectionTitle For section titles
this is just blue text span.shellBlue blue
FYI ... span.shellCyan span.gitCyan, span.outputAnsibleIgnoring For all stuff displayed in cyan
this is OK span.shellGreen span.gitAdded, span.bashExecutable, .outputAnsibleOk -
Error span.shellRed span.gitRemoved, .outputAnsibleKo -
White text span.shellWhite 'systemctl status xxx' output has some white lines
Warning span.shellYellow span.gitCommitId, span.shellYellow, .outputAnsibleChanged -
span.slap stupid! Stupid! STUPID!!!
smaller font to write more words in less space span.small -
  • Source
  • li.source used in the footer of an article to refer to its main source
    Vader is Luke's father span.spoilerAlert to hide spoils
    software names span.sw -
    span.throwUp sometimes reading code makes me feel like this
    blah blah blah span.tldr Introduces a 'TL;DR :' comment / information
    The world is flat span.toBeConfirmed Something that has to be confirmed
    a TOC item a.tocItem a TOC item
    28/06/2014 span.update Update date of an article
    URL span.url -
    Bob span.user It is sometimes necessary to run commands as a specific user
    important things span.warning something you should REALLY pay attention to if you don't want to f*ck things up
    website name -
    span.wink Wink What.The.Frak?!?
    XML stuff span.xml -
    span.yeah Yeah !!!
    Yes span.yes To display Y/N in lists or tables