Nautilus - The GNOME file manager


Nautilus : how to reset its window parameters ?

Situation :

Some time ago, while using a dual-screen display, I opened Nautilus, moved its window to the secondary screen and maximized it. Now, EVERY time I open Nautilus, its window pops as maximized on my 2nd screen, which is getting annoying.

Solution :

  1. From a console, start dconf-editor
  2. Open the /org/gnome/nautilus/window-state branch
  3. The geometry key holds the startup parameters
  4. You can double click its value to edit it, or just
  5. Enjoy !

Nautilus is eating memory

Situation :

Nautilus uses up to 300MB of RAM, whereas its expected memory footprint should be less than 30MB.

Details :

Looks like there are memory leaks in Nautilus (fixed in version 3.4.2 ?) occurring when opening directories having a large number of files (including the Trash directory...)

Solution :

Just kill -1 the Nautilus process and restart it.

Nautilus : how to show the path as text instead of buttons ?

Method 1
Method 2 (with Gnome)
  1. Applications | System Tools | Configuration Editor | Apps | Nautilus | Preferences
  2. set always_use_location_entry to true