Legend of styles

X.Y.Z. abbr. for abbreviations or acronyms (also has a tooltip not shown here)
Eppur si muove
blockquote. For quotes
Zed's alive, baby. del. obsolete data I don't want to remove so far

h2 (vanilla)

h2. h2 (vanilla)
<mark>...</mark> mark. plain HTML5 tag to highlight stuff
If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. q. For quotes, too.
Some piece of advice span.NB something you should pay attention to
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common Common settings (no color)
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_blue Common settings + blue
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_genericColor Common settings + generic color
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_green Common settings + green
A main menu item
div.TOC_graphical_common TOC_graphical_orange Common settings + orange
Buy milk span.TODO a 'TODO' note
humour de qualitay span.bdm Celui qui critique mes blagues n'est pas assez bête pour les comprendre.
span.brochetteH midline horizontal ellipsis (centered triple dot)
span.brochetteV vertical ellipsis


h2.chapter For the chapter names
Paris span.city When referring to the name of a city
a piece of code in any language span.code mostly used in <pre>...</pre> tags
a command you may type / click span.command using | to separate clicks
foo span.commandCmdExe A Windows shell command
foo span.commandDgmgrl An Oracle DGMGRL command
foo span.commandPromptGt a prompt
foo span.commandRman An Oracle RMAN command
foo span.commandSqlplus An Oracle SQL*Plus command
foo span.commandUnixShell A Unix shell command
you can see that... span.comment Comment about the current line of code / output
ACME Corp. span.company span.brand A company or brand name
the name / value of a configuration option span.confoption -
myContainer span.container for Docker containers
daemon span.daemon the name of a daemon
01/01/1970 span.date Creation date of an article
something related to a database span.dbThing table name, column name, ...
Debian span.debian I <3 Debian
span.debianLogo Some of the 'Bash Index' items are Debian-specific, actually ;-)
(this is a draft)
pre.draft for unfinished works
span.enter An ENTER key
something shown as example span.example -
a file name given as an example span.exampleFile -
a file or directory name span.file -
branchName span.gitBranch for Git branches
this is a great line of code span.gitMovedFrom_default_default span.shellPurple, span.outputAnsibleIgnored previous location of a piece of code, reported by 'git diff'
this is a great line of code span.gitMovedTo_default_default current location of a piece of code, reported by 'git diff'
developers span.group a group of users
some text displayed within a GUI span.guiDisplay On a button, in a menu, ...
span.hamburger this is the 'identical to' sign
span.happy Happy and smiling
span.headWallBang head + wall + bang !
short version span.impatients XXS version of the preceding information without extra details or examples
text you have to type on your keyboard span.input kbd -
IMPORTANT span.insist Something I want to emphasize on, but not worth the <mark> tag span.ipAddress an IP address
key span.key used mostly to describe keyboard shortcuts
any keyword span.keyword To highlight the important word(s) of a sentence
myLib span.lib A software library
span.linesSkipped span.ellipsis some lines of output have not been rendered to save screen space and focus on more relevant content
you are HERE ! span.location When referring to some famous place / building / anything you may know where it is without telling you its name
span.lol LOL
a machine span.machine a workstation or a server
stuff defined manually span.manual such as some Emacs shortcuts
metaTocItem span.metaTocItem For TOC items leading to sub-TOC
span.mmm Dubious
Movie Title span.movie For movie titles
No span.no To display Y/N in lists or tables
BOUM span.onomatop Pour les onomatopées
span.optional You may or may not do this
hello world span.output .fileContent some text output to a terminal
packageName span.package a software package you can install via 'apt-get'
123456 span.password for passwords
popular span.popular something eye-catching for the 'things' I use most in lists of 'things'
22 span.portNumber To highlight port numbers
SQL> span.prompt This is a command line prompt
Red Hat span.redhat Red Hat is not too bad ;-)
span.redhatLogo Some of the 'Bash Index' items are Red Hat-specific, actually ;-)
li.related used in the footer of an article to refer to related articles
myRepository span.repository Either a repository of versioned source code, or a repository of packages
span.rtfm The usual reminder ;-)
span.sad Sad and crying
Write section content here
div.sectionContent -

Usage / Flags / Examples / Situation / Details / Solution / ...

h3.sectionTitle For section titles
SELinux span.selinux SELinux
this is just blue text span.shellBlue blue
FYI ... span.shellCyan span.gitCyan, span.outputAnsibleIgnoring For all stuff displayed in cyan
this is OK span.shellGreen span.gitAdded, span.bashExecutable, .outputAnsibleOk -
Error span.shellRed span.gitRemoved, .outputAnsibleKo -
White text span.shellWhite 'systemctl status xxx' output has some white lines
Warning span.shellYellow span.gitCommitId, span.shellYellow, .outputAnsibleChanged -
span.slap stupid! Stupid! STUPID!!!
smaller font to write more words in less space span.small -
  • Source
  • li.source used in the footer of an article to refer to its main source
    Vader is Luke's father span.spoilerAlert to hide spoils
    It's magic span.stars For everything that shines / surprises WAY TOO much
    software names span.sw -
    span.throwUp sometimes reading code makes me feel like this
    blah blah blah span.tldr Introduces a 'TL;DR :' comment / information
    The world is flat span.toBeConfirmed Something that has to be confirmed
    a TOC item a.tocItem a TOC item
    span.ubuntuLogo For everything that is Ubuntu-specific
    28/06/2014 span.update Update date of an article
    URL span.url -
    Bob span.user It is sometimes necessary to run commands as a specific user
    important things span.warning something you should REALLY pay attention to if you don't want to f*ck things up
    website name span.website -
    span.wink Wink
    span.wtf What.The.Frak?!?
    XML stuff span.xml -
    span.yeah Yeah !!!
    Yes span.yes To display Y/N in lists or tables