Mednafen - My Emulator Doesn't Need A Frickin' Excellent Name


Error opening a sound device


mednafen -autosave 1 -sound 1 path/to/ROM/image
Initializing sound...
	Using "ALSA" audio driver with SexyAL's default device selection.ALSA Error: snd_pcm_open(&alsa_pcm, id ? id : "hw:0", SND_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK, 0) Device or resource busy
Error opening a sound device.



Temporarily suspend PulseAudio :
pasuspender -- mednafen -autosave 1 -sound 1 path/to/ROM/image


Key Usage
0 to 9 Select save state slot
F5 Save state
F7 Load state
Alt- Toggle fullscreen

How to reconfigure keys ?

This works both for keyboards and USB gamepads.

This is as simple as : ALT-SHIFT-1. If it doesn't work :
  1. Close Mednafen
  2. Edit Mednafen's configuration file
  3. Search input_config1, which should lead to a line such as :
    command.input_config1 keyboard 49+alt+shift
  4. Update key to the value of the m key (109) :
    command.input_config1 keyboard 109

    What we're doing here is just changing the key to enter the "reconfigure keys" mode. We've chosen the m key, but it could have been any other key.
    To find the code of a key, you'll have to :

    1. get the SDL_Keycode Value of a key (example : mSDLK_m)
    2. find the decimal value matching this code (SDLK_m109)

  5. Start Mednafen, press m and follow the on-screen instructions to re-assign keys
  6. Enjoy !

Mednafen file tree

~ personal home dir
.mednafen hidden directory for Mednafen's data
mednafen-09x.cfg configuration file (was mednafen.cfg, more)
mcs directory for game state snapshots
romName.hash.ncq game snapshot
sav save directory for games having a "Save" function

General documentation :
Command-line arguments :
	autosave	defaults to '1' in my version (?)

Game Boy Documentation :
	gb.stretch	'aspect' is not supported