The Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

To open ... Type [Windows key]-R ...
Computer Management compmgmt.msc
Disk Management diskmgmt.msc
Services services.msc

How to check whether a driver is loaded or not ? (2000 / XP)

This can be done with the driver verifier. Let's say we want to ensure the driver wmiacpi.sys is loaded:
  1. start the driver verifier tool: Start | Run | verifier
  2. select "Create standard parameters", then "Next"
  3. select "Choose driver name from a list", then "Next"
  4. tick the driver name we want to check: "wmiacpi.sys", then "Finish"
  5. the computer will require rebooting.
  6. open the driver verifier again
  7. select "Display information on the drivers currently being verified", then "Next"
  8. the result will appear !

How to enable / disable CD autorun (called "autoplay") in WinXP PRO?

  1. Start | Run | gpedit.msc (Group Policy)
  2. Expand Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System
  3. Rclick Turn Off Autoplay | Properties
  4. in the Settings tab, select Enabled

How to perform BIOS Recovery?

This procedure has currently been tested (and approved !) on N1++

Recovery procedure for flashing the bios if the system has the wrong bios in ROM.
This Bios contains the boot block code to use a file with the name NEWBIOS.ROM.
If this file is present on a floppy drive when cold booted with an external keyboard attached while pressing Ctrl-Home this bios will be loaded into the Bios Rom.
If a wrong bios has been flashed and the system is inoperative do the following steps to recover using a boot block floppy:

  1. Power down the system.
  2. Copy ROM file into Bootable diskette in the name of NEWBIOS.ROM, and insert the diskette to machine.
  3. Attach an external keyboard.
  4. Press and hold the Ctrl-Home keys.
  5. Power up the system and continue to hold Ctrl-Home.
  6. There will be no video, this is normal
  7. Wait until you hear diskette activity and release Ctrl-Home keys
  8. System will beep at the end of boot block and the system will reboot.
  9. The system should boot normally now. (i.e. press F1 to set CMOS defaults)
  10. Next power down you can remove the external keyboard.

On a notebook (tested on N1++), you may get a message like :

Your hibernation file is either missing or corrupt,
Please see your documentation for details.

This is because the BIOS expects a "Save To File" file on the HDD and doesn't find it. To stop getting this message, simply disable this function into the BIOS setup:

Power Management Setup | Auto save to File | Disabled

How to reinitialize an "autonumber" field of an empty table in Access 97

  1. copy the something table into a new one with a different name: something_else selecting the "copy structure only" option.
  2. delete something.
  3. rename something_else into something.